Hello! I'm Ashleigh, the hands and face behind actuallyashleigh.

This is a small collection of bespoke homeware that combines my love of drawing with the functionality of ceramics.   I’m one of those people that is constantly doodling and drawing patterns, so putting these designs onto the surface of a functional product was a huge light bulb moment for me!  It's something I never get tired of, as each piece is different from the one before.

actuallyashleigh comes from a childhood nickname, and a love of tongue-twisters.  

I'm inspired by nature and geometry.

A quote I try to live by is this one by Buddha:

"What you think, you become.   What you feel, you attract.   What you imagine, you create."

I hope you enjoy browsing through my store.   A lot of love has gone into each and every piece, and if you take one of my things home, some of that love will go with it, from me to you.